Fisheries associated with large shallow inlets and bays, and sandbanks slightly covered by seawater all the time

The summary table, which lists the fishing activities taking place in candidate and possible SACs, shows they are all represented in the sites which have been put forward as large shallow inlets or bays, or sand banks slightly covered by seawater all the time. Demersal fin fish, shrimp, razor shell, and scallop fisheries are considered here with beam trawling, otter trawling gill/trammel netting, hydraulic and scallop dredging identified as the main methods of fishing. Fin and shell fish aquaculture are also reviewed. The effects of other types of fisheries and fishing methods, such as potting, creeling and forms of dredging, are described in other sections of the report.

Demersal finfish & shrimp fisheries

Razoshell fisheries

Scallop fisheries


Summary of potential effects of fisheries

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