Candidate SACs for reefs: Papa Stour, St.Kilda, Lochs Duich, Long and Alsh Reefs, Llyn Peninsula and the Sarnau, Pembrokeshire Islands, Lundy, Solent and Isle of Wight Maritime, Thanet Coast, Flamborough Head, Berwickshire & North Northumberland Coast, Firth of Lorn.

Reefs are a common feature in inshore waters around the UK. They are very diverse, varying in size and in the different communities supported. This variation depends on, among other factors, the rock type, degree of exposure to wave action and tides, size and location. Numerous micro-habitats may be present within a reef. Unbroken bedrock has limited habitat diversity whereas a surface cut by gullies and crevices and overlain by boulders provides much more variety and localised areas of shelter supporting different communities on vertical surfaces, overhangs, gullies and outcrops.

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