Guidance on investigating and managing water quality in saline lagoons


The purpose of this section is to draw out lessons from the Fleet case study and to use these, together with other principles and practice, to help inform those involved with managing other lagoon sites for nature conservation as to what is required in understanding water quality issues, possible management options, and associated monitoring. Where appropriate particular learning points from the case study are included by way of illustration. Throughout, cross reference is made to sections within the case study where more detail on approaches, methods, etc can be found if required.

For information, the reader should refer to Cole et al (1999) for more detail on specific water quality issues, e.g. background on nitrates, in conjunction with the present report. That report (particularly section 7), together with guidance being drawn up by the Environment Agency, English Nature and Countryside Council for Wales (Applying the Habitats Regulations to new Environment Agency permissions and activities: draft procedures and technical guidance), provide guidance on assessing water quality impacts with respect to consents (e.g. for discharges) within the framework of the Habitats Regulations

Relevance of the Fleet to other lagoons

Guidance on investigating water quality impacts in saline lagoons

Guidance on managing water quality impacts in saline lagoons

Further research required on water quality in saline lagoons