Resources required

Funding and time constraints will determine the level of detail to which each of the following can be carried out, within what timescale, and by whom. As an indication of the order of costs required to undertake similar studies of other lagoon sites, approximate costs for each aspect of the Fleet case study are as follows:

Aspect of study

Approximate cost (excl. VAT)

Review of historical data, synthesis of modelling and monitoring studies carried out so far, recommendations (at commercial rates)


Water quality survey and monitoring studies (at Environment Agency internal rates)


Nutrient budget modelling using existing data (at commercial rates)


Estimation and modelling of diffuse sources (at commercial rates)


Construction of physical model for the Fleet (CASE award studentship contribution)


Costs at full commercial rates for the survey and monitoring studies, and the construction of the physical model, will be several times higher than the costs given.

The Fleet is reasonably accessible. It is likely that costs for more remote sites, including many sites in Scotland, would be greater for those components of the study that involve field work.

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