Avon & Dorset River Authority 1970 Stream water analysis of stream below Portesham regarding a proposal for a trout farm, for E.B. Swaffield, Manor Farm, Portesham.

Chemical analysis results for the stream below Portesham are given as below:

Temp 12EC

pH 7.9

Total solids 296 ppm

Suspended solids 6 ppm

Dissolved solids 290 ppm

Free ammonia None detectable

NO2 No trace

NO3 4.2 ppm

Cl- 29 ppm

Dissolved oxygen 11 ppm

O. Ab. 3min 0.1 ppm

O. Ab. 4 hrs 0.2 ppm

BOD 1.0 ppm

Comment is given that the water is clean, with good oxygen levels, low BOD and no detectable free ammonia indicating a lack of animal or plant waste in the water, which is therefore suitable for rearing trout (the subject of the proposal). Biological analysis supported this conclusion, though invertebrates were not sufficiently abundant to support a large population of fish, therefore if a trout farm were to be established, the fish would need to be fed.

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