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The importance of recreation

The leisure industry is one of largest sectors of the UK economy, employing over 3 million people and with an annual turnover of £90 billion. Sport and physical recreation account for over £10 billion of consumer expenditure each year (Sports Council, 1997). The countryside is the destination of one third of all leisure day trip visits from home with 8% of day visits involving trips to the seaside or coast (Sports Council, 1993).

A survey carried out by Research Solutions Ltd in 1994, on behalf of the British Marine Industries Federation (BMIF), estimated that as many as 4 million people take part in boating activities in the UK each year. Land based recreational activities are also of growing importance. In 1997, the Sports Council for England (SPE) highlighted an increase in participation of flexible lifestyle activities such as walking and cycling, activities which are popular in coastal areas.


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