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Disturbance to birds from land-based recreation

Many land-based activities have the potential to disturb birds including walking - particularly with dogs - wildfowling and bait collecting. The potential impacts of bait collecting are considered in more detail through the UK Marine SACs Project in a related report by Fowler (1999).

There has been a great deal of research undertaken on the impacts which wildfowling has on wildlife. However, there is limited research available on the impact which the activity may have on marine features.

Many studies have been conducted which examine the correlation between wildfowling and significant population impacts. There is some evidence to suggest that wildfowling may cause disturbance to the feeding and roosting grounds of non-quarry species. This will depend upon the intensity of the activity on the site and the feeding and roosting requirements of quarry and on-quarry species. However, the evidence linking episodes of disturbance to longer term population changes is much less clear and there are many other significant factors also having an effect.


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