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The effects of fires from land-based recreation

Some of the species supported by designated intertidal features are susceptible to fire damage. This risk is particularly prevalent in the peak season when vegetation can become tinder dry and a single spark can cause a fire. Discarded cigarettes and glass have, in the past, been the main cause of such fires. However, the problems associated with peak season fires have recently grown with the development of the disposable barbecue and the increasing desire of recreational participants to be self sufficient in terms of food provision.

This issue was highlighted on the site visit to the Solway Firth mSAC demonstration site. Rangers in the area reported scorch marks on the ground and spoke of their concern about potential damage of the site through accidental fires. Where used too close to dry vegetation, disposable barbecues can decimate large areas of vegetation in sensitive areas. Vegetated sand dunes are particularly susceptible as people often light barbecues in close proximity to car parks or in-between sand dunes in an attempt to avoid the wind


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