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Characteristics and management issues

Over the last five years significant changes have occurred in the personal watercraft market. The development of sit down craft with up to four seats has resulted in personal water-crafting becoming a more family focused activity with a corresponding move away from single person stand-up craft.

However, the activity remains male orientated and focused on a young market.

The use of a well known personality connected with the activity may be an effective way to promote environmental initiatives to participants.

Participants are unlikely to be associated with local clubs and/or the national representative organisation of the activity, the Royal Yachting Association.

Environmental information aimed at participants would be most effectively targeted through personal watercraft equipment suppliers as these organisations have direct contact with the end users and are often considered a credible source of information.

If byelaws are necessary the involvement of local clubs and industry is essential to ensure the transfer of information to the end user and to aid with enforcement of the regulation. Byelaws are very location specific and strategies for providing information should reflect this.

Tuition is often not required as users will teach themselves, although the Royal Yachting Association and some manufacturers provide training courses.

Environmental information developed in conjunction with trainers and manufacturers may be an effective method of targeting participants.

Slipways or mooring are not required to enable water access but car parking is required.

Known access points to the water or car parks used by participants as well as hire companies can be good locations for promoting environmental information.

The main targeted publication for this activity is Jet Skier and Personal Watercraft magazine with a circulation of 7,000.

The publication is keen to promote good practice advice to its readers.


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