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Characteristics and management issues

The activity is male orientated with 72% of participants in the age range 25-44.

Most craft used for informal water skiing activities are of conventional design and use outboard engines.

An increasing proportion of craft are designed as dedicated water ski craft often with hulls designed to maximise planning efficiency and inboard engines powered by propane.

The sport has a number of high profile participants, competing successfully at an international level.

The use of a well known personality connected with the activity may be an effective way to promote environmental initiatives to participants

Participants are likely to be associated with local water-ski specific clubs and/or the national representative organisation of the activity, the British Water Ski Federation. All participants will at some point deal directly with the marine industry (e.g. chandlers, equipment suppliers etc.).

Voluntary codes of practice and education programmes run through local or national representative clubs, and in conjunction with equipment suppliers and hirers effectively target participants.

Voluntary zoning can be effective but needs to be developed in conjunction with local clubs or industry to ensure success.

If byelaws are necessary the involvement of local clubs and industry is essential to ensure the transfer of information to the end user and to aid with enforcement of the regulation.

Tuition is often required to achieve the basic skills for this activity.

Environmental information provided by trainers is likely to be effective in reaching target audience.

Slipways or mooring are required to enable water access for water ski craft.

Known access points to the water can be good locations for promoting environmental information to this group.

The main targeted publication for this activity is Sportsboat and Water-ski International magazine a with circulation of 14,000.

Education programmes run in conjunction with user magazines can raise awareness of marine environmental issues and management schemes.


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