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Characteristics and management issues

Horse riding is a predominantly young, female orientated activity (3:1 female). 1.3 million riders are under 21 years and 43% of all adult riders are in the age bracket 16-24.

This recreational activity can be divided into two main groups: owner riders and those who ride through local trekking or horse clubs. The former are likely to ride alone or in pairs. The latter are likely to ride in larger groups.

Voluntary management measures and education programmes developed in conjunction with clubs and equipment suppliers will have a good chance of succeeding.

Most riders will undergo some tuition when first starting the activity. 15% of participants have achieved Foundation level, 40% Participation level: 40% Performance level and 5% Excellence

Environmental information provided by trainers is likely to be effective in reaching target audience.

Main targeted publications for this activity are Gallop, Horse and Pony and Horse and Rider with circulations of 100,000, 58,500 and 38,000 respectively.

Education programmes run in conjunction with user magazines can raise awareness of marine environmental issues and management schemes.


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