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Guidelines for beach recreation

European marine features where activity takes place

Code of practice

Useful addresses

This group of activities encompasses land and water based activities including sunbathing, swimming, rock pooling and beach games. As an informal activity that can take place wherever people are able to gain access to a beach, it is difficult to quantify the number of participants, although tourism figures suggest that 8% of all countryside day trips are taken in coastal locations.

European marine features where activity takes place

This activity can take place in the vicinity of marine features which are generally accessible from the land side.


Likely to occur

Unlikely to occur

Sand dunes




Mud and Sand Flats




Inlets and Bays






Sea Caves


Common Seal


Grey Seal


Bottlenose Dolphin



Codes of practice

None available


Useful Addresses

English Tourist Board Scottish Tourist Board Welsh Tourist Board

Thames Tower 22 Ravelston Terrace Brunnel House

Blacks Road Edinburgh 2 Fitzalan Road

Hammersmith AB31 3TW Cardiff

London SY23 3AL

W6 9EL

Northern Ireland Tourist Board

St Annes Court

59 North Street




Characteristics of activity and management issues associated with beach recreation

Summary of potential environmental impacts associated with beach recreation


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