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Using community involvement to manage recreation

The involvement of the local community during the development and implementation of management schemes is increasingly seen as fundamental to their success. Involvement can range from voluntary management by the community to a form of shared responsibility with relevant authorities and site managers. Involving the community or local recreational participants provides a way for an individualís interest in management schemes to be channelled into support for the project. Community involvement can also assist with participation in management schemes and potential enforcement action as it gives local participants a fuller understanding of the scheme and its benefits.

Community involvement can benefit both voluntary and regulatory schemes of management and can also provide relevant authorities with an insight into what management methods will be most effective at the local level. It is usually instigated by relevant authorities or site managers through the development of locally led topic groups or seminars. In this way, the involvement of the local community can also provide an excellent source of information on the current status of the environment, the nature of local recreational activities and the effectiveness of the scheme once it is in place.


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