Recreation : Consultees

Consultees involved in the study

Marine Biologist

Peter Reece

Marine Conservation Society

Sam Pollard

Marine Ecology and Sailing

Roger Lankester

Marine Safety Agency

David Thompson

Mountaineering Council of Northern Ireland

Mr Dawson Stefox

Mountaineering Council of Scotland

John Morrison

N/W Association of Sea Angling Clubs

Roland Sharpee

National Association of Boat Angling Clubs

Frank White

National Association of Boat Angling Clubs

Bob Deacon

National Association of Fisheries & Angling Consultatives

Mark Hatcher

National Federation of Chartered Skippers

Nick Light

National Federation of Sea Anglers

David Rowe

National Federation of Sea Anglers

Frank Nesbitt

National Trust

Joe Burgon

National Trust for Scotland

Kevin Rideout

North Wales Coastal Forum

Mr J Nicholson

Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Kristine Gillespie

Northumberland County Council

Frank Fortune

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Charles Mathieson

Personal Watercraft Federation

Graham Stuart

Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Suzanne Pleydell

Queens Harbour Master

Simon Gooder


Duncan Hugget

RSPB (Scotland)

Caroline Davies

Ramblers Association

Alan Mattingly

Ramblers Association

Beverly Penny

Ramblers Association of Scotland

Ellen McCance

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Peter Bradley

Royal Yachting Association – Northern Ireland

Patrick Knatchbull

Royal Yachting Association – Scotland

Stewart Boyd

Royal Yachting Association

Jerry Eardley


Anne Bird

Scottish Canoe Association

Ailsa Spindler

Scottish Countryside Activities Council

Dr B Nesbitt

Scottish Countryside Rangers Association

Mr A McKillop

Scottish Environmental & Outdoor Centres

Sheila Small

Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers

Steve Bailey

Scottish Natural Heritage

Katherine Hayward

Scottish Natural Heritage

Kathy Duncan

Scottish Natural Heritage

Steve Atkins

Scottish Natural Heritage

Sandy Downie

Scottish Sports Association

Bob Aitkin

Scottish Sports Council

Ian Davenport

Scottish Sub Aqua Club

Murray MacCullum

Scottish Tourist Board

Neil Black

Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology

Information Officer

Scottish Water Skiing Association

Alan Murray

Scottish Wildlife and Countryside Link

Jennifer Anderson

Seal Conservation Society

Peter Haddow

Shetland Isles Council

Katie Gillham

Skomer Nature Reserve

Blaise Bulimore

Sports Council for Northern Ireland

Stephen Wilson

Sports Council for Wales

Brian Goffee

Sports Council for Wales

John Harrison

Strangford Lough Management Committee

Caroline Nolan


Catherine Saunders


Jonathan Selwyn


Sam Richardson

UK Marine SACs Project

John Torlesse

Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs

Miss M Doyle

University of Newcastle

John Benson

Wales Tourist Board

Nigel Adams

Wales Tourist Board – Antur Cymru

Chris Coleman

Welsh Association of Sub Aqua Clubs

Belinda Osborne

Welsh Cycling Union

Rae Hughes

Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers

June O’Sullivan

Welsh Local Government Association

Victoria Winckler

Welsh Yachting Association

Peter Lloyd

Western Isles Council

Andrew Roger

Wildlife Link

Martin Harper

World Wildlife Fund

Sarah Jones


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