Sensitivity to Human Activities


Following Holt et al. (1995), McLeod (1996) and Hiscock (in prep) we have tried to consider both ‘sensitivity’ (the likelihood that an organism or community will suffer damage or death when exposed to an external factor) and ‘vulnerability’ (the likelihood of exposure to an external factor) under the general heading of sensitivity here.

Although not strictly within the remit of this report (sensitivity and dynamics) fisheries regulations clearly have management implications for Mytilus, which constitutes an important fishery in terms of collection of wild stocks, relaying of ‘seed mussels’ for ongrowing, and true aquaculture. A brief mention of relevant fisheries regulations is therefore included in this section.

Sabellaria alveolata

Sabellaria spinulosa

Modiolus modiolus

Mytilus edulis

Serpula vermicularis