Sheltered infralittoral rock with kelp



GB distribution

Compiled by: Leigh Jones, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough PE1 IJY, UK.

Derived, in part, from: the UK marine biotope classification (Connor et al. 1997b) and a review undertaken for the UK Marine SACs Project (Birkett et al., 1998).


Classification Code Biotope(s)
Europe (EUNIS Nov. 1999) A3.3/B-SIR.K Silted kelp communities on sheltered infralittoral rock
Wadden Sea 03.02.06 Benthic zone of the shallow coastal waters with hard bottom and rich macrophytes
Britain/Ireland (MNCR BioMar 97.06) SIR.K Silted kelp (stable rock)
France (ZNIEFF-MER) III.9.3.5



Faciès à Laminaria hyperborea-Laminaria ochroleuca : sous-faciès à algues filamenteuses (mode abrite).

Facies à Cystoseires et Laminaria saccharina en mode abrité.


Infralittoral rock in wave and tide-sheltered conditions, supporting silty communities with Laminaria hyperborea and /or Laminaria saccharina. Associated seaweeds are typically silt-tolerant and include a high proportion of delicate filamentous types. Some areas, particularly in the lower infralittoral zone, are subject to intense grazing by urchins and chitons and may have poorly developed seaweed communities.

GB distribution

(from MNCR database in February 1999)












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