Sabellaria spinulosa reefs



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Compiled by: Leigh Jones, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough PE1 IJY, UK.

Derived, in part, from: the UK marine biotope classification (Connor et al. 1997b) and a review undertaken for the UK Marine SACs Project (Holt et al. 1998).


Classification Code Biotope(s)
Europe (EUNIS Nov. 1999) A3.6/B-MCR.Csab


Sabellaria spinulosa communities on circalittoral rock

Sabellaria spinulosa and Polydora spp. on stable circalittoral mixed sediment.

Wadden Sea 03.02.09 Sublittoral Sabellaria reef
Britain/Ireland (MNCR BioMar 97.06) MCR.CSab


Circalittoral Sabellaria reefs

Sabellaria spinulosa and Polydora spp. on stable circalittoral mixed sediment

France (ZNIEFF-MER) III.3.3.1


Faciès à Sabellaria spinulosa

Faciès d’épifaune à Sabellaria spinulosa


CSab. Circalittoral rock or mixed substrata dominated by a crust of Sabellaria spinulosa.

SspiMx. The tube-building polychaete Sabellaria spinulosa at high abundances on mixed sediment, with Polydora spp. tubes attached. Infauna comprise typical sublittoral polychaete species, together with the bivalves Abra alba and Nucula nitidosa. Epifauna comprise calcareous tubeworms, pycnogonids, hermit crabs and amphipods.

GB distribution

(from MNCR database March 1999)














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