Species composition and biodiversity

For SCR in the UK % Frequency Faithfulness Typical abundance
Bougainvillia ramosa Occasional
Protanthea simplex Frequent
Caryophyllia smithii Occasional
Pomatoceros triqueter Frequent
Protula tubularia Occasional
Pagurus bernhardus Occasional
Munida rugosa Occasional
Neocrania anomala Frequent
Terebratulina retusa Occasional
Asterias rubens Occasional
Ophiothrix fragilis Occasional
Echinus esculentus Occasional
Clavelina lepadiformis Occasional
Ciona intestinalis Occasional
Corella parallelogramma Occasional
Ascidiella aspersa Frequent
Ascidia mentula Occasional
Ascidia virginea Occasional
Corallinaceae indet. Common
Pseudolithoderma extensum Common
Aglaozonia (asexual Cutleria) Frequent

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