Littoral gravels and sands



GB distribution

Compiled by: Leigh Jones, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough PE1 IJY, UK.

Derived, in part, from: the UK marine biotope classification (Connor et al. 1997a) and a review undertaken for the UK Marine SACs Project (Elliott et al.1998).


Classification Code Biotope(s)
Europe (EUNIS Nov. 1999) A2.1 Littoral gravels and coarse sands
Wadden Sea 05.01.03 Sandflat, free of vegetation
Britain/Ireland (MNCR BioMar 97.06) LGS Littoral gravels and sands
France (ZNIEFF-MER) II.3.2


Sables moyens dunaires

BiocÚnose des sables


Clean gravel and/or sand in the littoral zone (the area between high and low tides) with a particle diameter range from 16 mm to 0.063 mm; shingle shores comprising mobile cobbles, pebbles and coarse gravel are also included. The shore and substratum type can range from steep mobile shores that are typically of coarse material (gravel and coarse sand), through less steep shores of coarse, medium or fine sand to level sandflats of fine sand that remain water-saturated throughout the tidal cycle. Mud (particle diameter less than 0.063 mm) does not exceed 10%, and is usually totally absent.

GB distribution

(from MNCR database in February 1999)










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