Species composition and biodiversity

Muddy sand habitats tend to support a relatively poor diversity of species, which are usually found in high abundances. Species present are predominately sessile tube-dwelling polychaetes with bivalves also well represented (Atkins 1983). Some species characteristic of subtidal areas may also occur.

Characterising species

For LMS in the UK % Frequency Faithfulness Typical abundance
Eteone longa Common
Hediste diversicolor Occasional
Nephtys hombergii Occasional
Scoloplos armiger Abundant
Pygospio elegans Common
Spio filicornis Frequent
Capitella capitata Frequent
Arenicola marina Common
Oligochaeta indet. Common
Bathyporeia pilosa Common
Bathyporeia sarsi Frequent
Corophium arenarium Common
Corophium volutator Common
Crangon crangon Common
Hydrobia ulvae Common
Cerastoderma edule Common
Macoma balthica Common

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