Kelp species in UK waters as habitats for epiflora and epifauna

Kelp species




Alaria esculenta not known algae; but uncommon young: not colonised old: Audouinella alariae
Laminaria digitata holdfast fauna is very diverse: isopods, algae; uncommon, but (Palmaria palmata) hydroids & bryozoans
Laminaria hyperborea polychaetes, crabs, gastropods, bivalves, amphipods, etc.; older plants have larger holdfasts which have more species - 389 reported from one kelp algae, esp. on older plants; irradiance related zonation patterns; diverse fauna 82 species from one kelp bed (Dauvin, 1997) hydroids & bryozoans may cover 20% of the blade
Laminaria saccharina bed (Dauvin, 1997) algae, but uncommon rarely colonised
Saccorhiza polyschides > 2,000 individual animals per holdfast algae, but uncommon hydroids & bryozoans
Laminaria ochroleuca not known not known not known
Undaria pinnatifida not known not known by end of season blades colonised by tunicates, bryozoans