Summary of Favourable Conditions in Subtidal Mobile Sandbanks and Targets for their Maintenance.

Attribute Indicators of Favourable Conditions
Area No reduction in subtidal mobile sandbank beyond natural fluctuations.
Substratum Predominantly sandy substrata with a low proportion of silt and clay material. Maintenance of baseline thickness, structure, stability characteristics and particle composition of sand bank within natural fluctuations
Depth and tidal range Sandbank to be covered at all stages of the tidal cycle and with no significant increase in water depth beyond natural fluctuations.
Water characteristics Maintenance of water characteristics over the subtidal mobile sandbank, in particular salinity.
Hydrographical regime Maintenance of tidal, wind and residual flow baseline conditions with no disruption to patterns which ensure the delivery to the subtidal mobile sandbank of colonising organisms and organic matter as food.
Community structure Maintenance of community structure, diversity and zonations expected given the subtidal mobile sandbank’s hydrophysical environmental regime.
Biotopes Maintenance of presence and quality of important biotope complexes, including those listed in the Site Notification. The site should continue to be dominated by biotopes representative of the habitat in the region.
Species Maintenance of presence and viability of important species, including those listed in Appendix 1 in Sanderson (1996) if present and listed in the Site Notification.
Community function The subtidal mobile sandbank should continue to support important predator populations.